• DoS (and possible MITM) in Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator

    TL;DR: the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator has a bug that allows you to create a DoS (and maybe a MITM) by sending the wrong netmask in IPSec phase 2. You need valid credentials. Apparently there is no workaround or fix. It’s EOL, so maybe you may want to change it :-)

  • Iomega ix2-200 and iSCSI

    I recovered an old Iomega ix2-200 from the dust of my apartment, hoping to use it as a storage NAS for backups with burp. I can’t use NFS (at least, it will be unsafe), so I was looking for an iSCSI export. The ix2-200 was advertized as iSCSI-enabled, however the performance were very bad and the box was freezing literaly every night.

  • JWT or not?

    In a recent web portal project, made with Python and Angular, I faced the amethic doubt: should I use the standard pseudorandom generation of session tokens, or should I use a JWT?

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