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Delay e-mail delivery with Postfix for a relaxing weekend

One good piece of advice is never to read e-mails if you want to have a pleasant and relaxing weekend.

Patching a Debian package locally: Nextcloud, DWM and the focus lost

If you use a Window Manager that switches focus automatically (like dwm) and the Nextcloud client, surely you are annoyed by the Nextcloud window disappearing on focus lost “feature” (and no knob to switch it off). Apparently, the developers decided that This Is The Right Way┬«.

With the power of The Source Code, we can change that!

Proxmox LXC, Systemd, and Linux Capabilities

Debian in LXC/Proxmox works flawlessly, except for some systemd utility daemons. Instead of disabling those services, we can leverage Linux capabilities to achieve the same results.