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CVE-2023-41570: Access Control vulnerability in MikroTik REST API

Recently, Mikrotik added a REST server as a new API for managing the router. It is a nice alternative to their proprietary API when automating RouterOS.

However, young software usually contains bugs. Sometimes, these bugs are security-related, and, together with not-so-safe defaults, they may create a vulnerability.

CVE-2023-4809: FreeBSD pf bypass when using IPv6

A few months ago, as part of our investigations on IPv6 security in the NetSecurityLab @ Sapienza University, we discovered a vulnerability that allows attackers to bypass rules in pf-based IPv6 firewalls in particular conditions. Let’s see some details of this vulnerability.

Proxmox LXC, Systemd, and Linux Capabilities

Debian in LXC/Proxmox works flawlessly, except for some systemd utility daemons. Instead of disabling those services, we can leverage Linux capabilities to achieve the same results.

Winbox on WINE: network namespaces for MAC-Telnet

Winbox, the MikroTik RouterOS management application, uses a proprietary link-layer protocol to discover and connect to RouterOS appliances. It’s useful when you have a router with a bad/unknown network configuration.

Let’s see how we can use it on Linux and WINE.

Types of Network Address Translation

While still very useful, the old definition of NAT types is outdated. The new definition accurately reflects the kind of NAT present in the network and what we can expect from the translator.

Debian 10, Cloud-init and static IP addresses

In the last two days, I was preparing a virtual environment for some tests about MariaDB replication.

DoS (and possible MITM) in Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator

TL;DR: the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator has a bug that allows you to create a DoS (and maybe a MITM) by sending the wrong netmask in IPSec phase 2.

Simple policy based routing in practice

Sometimes the network setup isn't the one that you find in a textbook.

Using fogproject to deploy Windows 10 images

Despite the web is full of pages about fogproject and Windows 10, there are many different things that you need to do in order to make fog to deploy a Windows 10 image in a fully automated way (without your physical intervention).

IPv6 link-local and VPS-cloud services: an hidden threat?

As many IT folks, I have my VPS (for instance, this website is running on it).

MikroTik RouterOS: how to use hostnames in firewall rules (instead of IP addresses)

Important note! Apparently now RouterOS supports hostnames in address lists (tested in 6.